How to Find Green Rising Penstemon Disney Dreamlight Valley

Gameloft, The Walt Disney Company

Disney Dreamlight Valley is a life-sim game featuring popular Disney and Pixar characters. Like other games in the genre such as Animal Crossing or Stardew Valley, the name of the game is collecting items. Whether it be food items, minerals or flowers there is plenty to find to help craft and complete quests. One flower that can be tricky to find is the Green Rising Penstemon.

How to Find Green Rising Penstemon Disney Dreamlight Valley

There are several varieties of Penstemon flowers that can be found in Disney Dreamlight Valley. Unfortunately, when it comes to the green variety they can easily blend in with grass-filled ground making them tricky to spot. There are also two types of Penstemon the Falling and the Rising.

All the different types of Penstemon flowers can be only found in Peaceful Meadows so players will not have to do much traveling. They will have to be extra diligent and carefully comb the grasses of the Peaceful Meadows. When looking for a Green Rising Penstemon players can expect to easily mistake it for similar-looking green budding plants like Basil or Oregano.

A Green Rising Penstemon will appear smaller than a Basil herb and has four leaves sticking out. If players need more help scoping out the Peaceful Meadows they can enter Building Mode which can allow players to move through bushes more easily.

Disney Dreamlight Valley is still in early access on all platforms. Players can purchase the Founder's Pack to jump into early access before it releases for free next year.