How to Find Plasma Cannon Weapon in Fortnite

Photo courtesy of Epic Games

The plasma cannon weapon is a new addition to Fortnite's weapon arsenal, which players will find to have a slow charge-up time and high utility potential. While the plasma cannon might not be up to par damage-wise with weapons such as the Pulse Rifle or Assault Rifle, the laser beam it emits does substantial damage to built structures – giving players the option of utility to demolish things like defensive towers quickly.

Utilizing the plasma cannon as a tool to demolish player-built structures while having a high DPS weapon to roll back on allows players to acquire kills in important fast-paced situations that might otherwise take a significant amount of time and chasing to secure.

How to Find Plasma Cannon Weapon in Fortnite

Players can find the plasma cannon weapon in areas they would typically find other alien weapons. These areas include the mothership minigame, at IO satellite stations, and by the UFO drops above various locations.

If a player is unable to find the plasma cannon in any of these areas, they can also opt to craft one instead. The crafting recipe for this weapon includes one alien nanite and one legendary pistol, which can be combined in the crafting menu. This method of obtaining the plasma cannon is a bit more tedious, but can be well worth it if your goal is to blast through enemy structures in mere seconds.