How to Find Red Room Milano Blueprint on Rebirth Reinforced

Photo courtesy of ModernWarzone Twitter

Players have found the original Red Room Milano blueprint hidden on Rebirth Reinforced. The clip by ModernWarzone shows you where to go directly, but also shows a way to get a free loadout and a ton of cash in the game as well.

Thankfully, the map is so small, you could technically get both in the same match, but be careful. As you can see in the clip, traversing that much ground right at the start is sure to get you downed. The secret room with the blueprint also has the keycard needed for the free loadout.

So depending on how you fly in, you'll want to head toward the southern part of the map.

Directly above the big tanker on the southside of the map is that longer building with a curved layout. Go past it inward into the smaller building. Follow the path down in the building and you can find the Red Room blueprint. If you want the payload as well, make sure to grab Vikhor's Keycard.

The payload is at the bottom-most portion of the map. You go inside the bunker and there is a door to the safe. Use the keycard for a ton of cash and Payload.