How to Find Sleek Saber in FF7 Rebirth

Here's how to find Sleek Saber in FF7 Rebirth.
Here's how to find Sleek Saber in FF7 Rebirth. / Square Enix

Finding Sleek Saber in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth is much easier than fans might expect.

After four years of anticipation, Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth finally launched this weekend with 14 chapters of missions, battles, and twists that make the action RPG hard to put down. As Cloud, Aerith, Red XIII, Barret, and Tifa explore the outskirts of Midgar along their quest to eliminate Sephiroth, they encounter all sorts of enemies that stand in their way. To defeat some of the toughest opponents, Cloud needs an arsenal of weapons, including Sleek Saber.

Here's how to find Sleek Saber in Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth.

How to Find Sleek Saber in FF7 Rebirth

To find Sleek Saber in FF7 Rebirth, fans must locate the purple chest at the Abandoned Dock in Chapter 2. Coming across the weapon will not waste precious time on your mission; in fact, you must head to the area anyway in Chapter 2, so you will naturally come across Sleek Saber.

Although the weapon is far from the best in the game, it comes in handy early on, especially if you master its elemental abilities. The Firebolt Blade will summon lightning and fire to your sword as you slice enemies, even if you are airborne. Plus, Sleek Saber's bonus is exploiting an opponent's weakness, ultimately giving you everything you need to take down your foe (as long as they are not resistant to an elemental attack).

What is the Best Weapon for Cloud in FF7 Rebirth? Answered

The best weapon for Cloud in FF7 Rebirth is the Slipstream Saber. Those who played Final Fantasy 7 Remake will be familiar with the weapon and its abilities; it is once again the best weapon for counterattacks in FF7 Rebirth.

The Slipstream Saber allows Cloud to brace for attack and then retaliate, with a bonus ability to unleash a counterattack. Those who activate it at the right time will reduce damage.

Unfortunately, you cannot find the Slipstream Saber until Chapter 13. Although the sword remains hidden for almost the entire game, once you reach the Temple of Ancients, you can finally get your hands on the weapon. You will find the Slipstream Saber in the corridor of the Trepidation area.