How to Find The Breaker of Worlds in FF16

Here's how to find the S-tier Hunt, The Breaker of Worlds, in Final Fantasy 16 whose location is hidden by question marks.
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Here's how to find The Breaker of Worlds, an S-tier Hunt, found on the Hunt Board in the hideaway.

The Hunt Board is unlocked after progressing through the Out of the Shadow quest in the main storyline. Hunts are special Elite monsters found throughout Valisthea. Players earn Renown, Gil and other goodies by defeating the Hunts. Monsters normally have general locations listed on the board, but The Breaker of Worlds, or Atlas, has question marks under location.

Here's how to find Atlas, The Breaker of Worlds, in Final Fantasy XVI.

How to Find The Breaker of Worlds in FF16

The Breaker of Worlds is found in the Grand Duchy of Rosaria in Cressida. The closest Obelisk players can fast travel to is in Eastpool. Atlas is level 45 and an S-rank so players will want to make sure they come equipped and high enough leveled. Of course, there's

The Breaker of Worlds FF16 Rewards

Players get the following for defeating Atlas:

  • 15,000 Experience
  • 120 Ability Points
  • 1 Fallen Iron
  • 1 Orichalcum
  • 50 Renown
  • 20,000 Gil

Marking Hunts off the board are a great way to level up, earn new crafting materials and Gil, and a way to hone your skills. Monsters vary in rank from C to S, making The Breaker of Worlds the most difficult.