How to Find the Bridge Keycard in Apex Legends

Photo courtesy Respawn Entertainment

Finding the Bridge keycard in Apex Legends is a new challenge that players are having to face as the new Season 12 has been released. Plus, there have been some changes to the maps, including Olympus. When accessing the Icarus Bridge, players will be prevented from entering to gather the precious loot that resides inside, as they need a keycard in order to get past.

How to Find the Bridge Keycard in Apex Legends

Finding the keycard for many players on Olympus means getting across the Icarus Bridge as this was a new feature added to Season 12. Many have not had the greatest luck in finding the keycard, but hopefully, this guide can prove to be of some success.

Players will have to enter Icarus Ship and search the floor in order to find the keycard. As the keycard is not in the exact spot all the time, moving past the dead bodies on the floor and toward the dead scientists, players can spot a keycard around the area.

Once found and added to a player’s inventory, the bridge location will be revealed on the map. But as Icarus is an area where loot is very valued, beware of players who are waiting to steal kills or even are trying to get the same loot.