How to Find The Modern Warfare Season 4 Trench Easter Egg

Modern Warfare season 4 trench easter egg explained.
Modern Warfare season 4 trench easter egg explained. / Image courtesy of Infinity Ward

Modern Warfare season 4 and a Trench Easter egg came out in an update on June 11. Trench is the newest 2v2-exclusive battlefield and has a unique Easter egg for players to find. The season 4 patch also brought a new mode, new weapons, and a free multiplayer weekend.

Modern Warfare Season 4 Trench Easter Egg

The Easter egg is too time-consuming to complete in an ordinary game so players looking to find it should head to a custom game. The Easter egg is actually in a locked bunker that players will need to find the code for by looking around the map. Once players have the code, they just need to shoot the numbers in the correct order in the keypad outside the closed off bunker.

Where to Find the Trench Easter Egg Code

1. First Number

Go to the trench on the right side of the map. Players need to hop over the concrete slabs and prone while facing to the left. The first number is carved into a stone in the corner.

2. Second Number

Go back to the bunker door and go to the left side of the map. Stop before the corner, and look for the second number on the wall next to a barrel.

3. Third Number

From the last number, climb up and stay to the left on the high-ground. The next number is etched into concrete on the left of a nearby slab.

4. Fourth Number

Head to the opposing spawn. Drop down from the high ground and look for two blue barrels at the edge of the map. There will be a crate in front of the barrels. Jump up and look inside the crate for the fourth number.

5. Fifth Number

Stay to the left and wrap around the map after the fourth number. Once you reach the first turning point, head towards the middle of the map and look underneath a wooden walkway for the last number.