How to Find the Scrying Mirror in At Dead of Night

Baggy Cat Entertainment

Finding the Scrying Mirror in At Dead of Night is fairly easy if you're persistent.

At Dead of Night, Baggy Cat's live-action inspires survival horror game, is an immersive experience that leaves players thrilled. Its main character, Maya, is trapped in a remote hotel and is being pursued by Jimmy as she tries to free her friends from his grasp. Throughout the game, Maya will utilize several tools and additional collectibles to help her on her journey. One of these is the Scrying Mirror, an item that will provide clues on where to head next if you've hit a dead end in your search.

How to Find the Scrying Mirror

Scrying Mirrors can be found in any room with a desk. Luckily, there are duplicates that spawn all around the hotel, so if you lose your items and need another one, try to find one of these rooms. They also can only be used in dark or dimly-lit areas.

Keep in mind that once a scrying mirror is used, Jimmy will spawn near your location and will be alerted to where you are. There is also a possibility for Jimmy to be seen in a scrying mirror, which also means he is in close proximity.

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At Dead of Night is available on Steam for $14.99.