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How to Find the Spear in New World

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Looking for a spear in New World? Here's what you need to know.

Spears and polearms are often an underated weapon in most RPGs. Despite their versatility, they can sometimes be overlooked in favor of a classic sword or a two-handed axe. In New World, spears are a two-handed weapon that scales with Dexterity and Strength. They're perfect for short range damage as well as providing some long range piercing attacks. Spears currently have two skill trees: Zoner, which aims to keep enemies at a distance by throwing the spear at range, and Impaler, which utilizes quicker attacks with status effects to close gaps.

The two spear skill trees have a great selection of abilities focusing on crowd control and debuffs. As a DPS weapon, you'll want to make use of a key passive ability - Exploit Weakness. This ability provides +10% damage per debuff on target up to a 30% maximum.

If a spear is the weapon for you, then here's how you can get hold of one.

How to Find the Spear in New World

The easiest way to add a spear into your arsenal is by crafting. A good starting point is to craft an Iron Spear, a basic spear which players can craft without any Enginerring skill. The Iron Spear can be made at a Tier 2 Forge for two Course Leather, five Iron Ingots, and 10 Timber.

As players increase their Engineering skills, more spears will become available to craft ass long as the necessary crafting requirements are met. At Engineering Level 50, players will be able to craft the Steel Spear for two Course Leather, five Steel Ingots, and 11 Lumber.

New World is available now as a PC exclusive.