How to Find Tungsten Carbide in Astroneer

Courtesy of System Era Softworks

Tungsten Carbide is a composite resource in Astroneer used to craft the most advanced and robust drilling-related items. Here is a guide on how to find Tungsten Carbide in Astroneer.

How to Find Tungsten Carbide in Astroneer

To obtain the Tungsten Carbide, you must have a chemistry lab, to begin with. Once you have a chemistry lab, you can combine Tungsten and Carbon together to produce Tungsten Carbide.

If you do not have any Tungsten, here is a quick guide on how to get it.

Tungsten is not found in the first world you land on in Astroneer. You also need to know that Tungsten is a refined resource, so you need to find the base mineral and pop it into the smelting surface to get Tungsten.

To make Tungsten, you need to leave Terran to find Wolframite. You can find Wolframite on Desolo, a nearby planet you can reach by researching and creating a shuttle. After you find Wolframite, add it to the smelting furnace, and you will then have Tungsten.

What You Can Craft with Tungsten Carbide in Astroneer

Once you have Tungsten Carbide, you have the power to craft the most advanced items in the game. Depending on what module printer you use, the output varies. You can craft a Drill Mod 2, Drill Strenght 1, Drill Strength 2, a Large Shredder, an Extra Large Shredder, or an Auto Extractor.