How to Fire Staff in Two Point Campus

Image courtesy of Two Point Studios/Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

Faculty not quite working out? Here's how to fire staff in Two Point Campus.

Two Point Campus released on Aug. 9, giving players a shot at being a college administrator. With plenty of ways to design the campus experience, from the courses on offer to the decorations in the student dorms, Two Point Campus tasks players with providing hordes of students with everything they need to excel.

A key factor in each student's success is their teacher, and Two Point Campus brings plenty of specialists in to enlighted the minds of youth. Helping to keep the campus in top shape are assistants, teachers, and janitors, all of which you can train to become better and more skilled.

Sometimes, though, you need to have a bit of a shake-up. Unfortunately, the quickest way to get rid of staff in Two Point Campus is by firing them. Here's how.

How to Fire Staff in Two Point Campus

Firing staff in Two Point Campus is fairly straightforward, if a little too easy. To do so, pick the staff member you're planning to kick and look for the trashcan icon. Clicking this will offer the prompt to fire the chosen staff member.

Doing so will cause them to immediately leave campus.

Staff might also leave if they're unhappy with their working conditions — low pay, no training etc. Keep everyone happy to make sure you don't lose your best workers.

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Two Point Campus is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Windows PC, macOS, and Linux.