How to Fish in Far Cry 6

Fishing is more than just a way to pass the time in Far Cry 6.
Fishing is more than just a way to pass the time in Far Cry 6. / Ubisoft

Fishing is more than just a way to pass the time in Far Cry 6.

Players can use the fish they catch to craft food or sell for pesos in order to buy other items. It is not only a quick way to earn some cash, but also a great way to quite literally fuel the revolution. Below, we've detailed how to catch fish on Yara.

How to Fish in Far Cry 6

In order to fish in Far Cry 6, players will first need to get a fishing rod. This can be obtained by completing the quest "Fuel The Revolution" on Isla Santuario. Players will meet Benito Menguez, a fisherman, who tasks them with taking down Comandante Rosario.

Like any tool, players can upgrade the fishing rod at Tackle Boxes located near each major fishing spot. These boxes allow Dani to switch out bait and improve the rod for greater success.

We've laid out the steps to catch a fish in Far Cry 6 below:

  1. Locate a fishing hole and make sure you have the fishing rod handy.
  2. Press and/or hold the right-trigger (RT) or left mouse button to determine the distance at which to cast the line.
  3. Release the button at the desired distance to catch.
  4. Wait for a bite.
  5. Once a fish bites, press and/or hold RT/left mouse to "hook" the fish on the line.
  6. Reel it in with the left-trigger (LT) or right mouse button.

The fish will attempt to fight you—after all, it is fighting for its life. To fight the fish, simply swing your line in the opposite direction of its pull using the mouse or right joystick on your controller. It's not uncommon for the fish to change directions so we recommend keeping an eye on it at all times.

Players can lure fish in by slowly moving their fishing line during the waiting process.

Captured fish can be cooked in La Cantina, sold to merchants, or used as materials to upgrade other items.