How to Fish in Skyrim Anniversary Edition

Image courtesy of Bethesda

Here's how to fish, and where to get a fishing rod, in Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

Skyrim is back with a new edition for the game's 10th anniversary. We all say we won't buy it again, but we do and thus, here we are. This time the game has added a bunch of new content, including a whole load of features courtesy of the Creation Club. Alongside this, a new mechanic has come to the game - fishing!

While on paper, you would think activating fishing in Skyrim would be pretty straightforward. In reality, it's a little bit more complex. You'll need a fishing rod (obviously) and then you'll need to find the right spots. Below, we've listed exactly where to find a fishing rod and how to activate fishing in Skyrim's Anniversary Edition.

How to Get a Fishing Rod in Skyrim

Sadly, you can't just Fus Ro Dah a fish out of the water (as hilarious as that would be). No, instead you'll need to be a bit more common about it and grab a fishing rod. There are numerous rods scattered about the region, so it shouldn't be too hard to find one:

  • Go to Riften Fishery, outside the western wall of Riften. You'll find a fishing rod on the dock.
  • Check other docks around Skyrim
  • Buy one from a local merchant (or steal one, if that's your vibe)

How to Fish in Skyrim

Now that you've got your rod you'll need to equip it into your right hand, like a weapon. You'll then need to find specific "fishing supplies" interactable points - this is where you'll be able to start fishing. The points look like a collection of baskets, nets, and various other supplies. With the rod equipped, interact with the fishing supplies. You'll automatically head to the water and cast out your line.

Here's where it gets a bit trickier. You'll need to wait until your rod twitches with a bit of force - keep an eye on the pole to see if it bends as that will signifiy the appropriate pull. Press the Reel button when you feel the force. Time it right to pull in the fish. If you're successful, the fish will be added into your inventory.

There's also the chance that, even when executed perfectly, you won't catch a fish. You might end up with some useless loot instead. Turns out even in glorious Skyrim, people are still dumping their trash into the lakes.

If you cast out your rod and notice that there aren't any splashes in the water, it means that there won't be any fish in that area. Pack up your things and head somewhere else.

There's a bunch of new fish that have been added into this edition of Skyrim, along with a few dedicated quests. Be sure to give them a go if you've tapped out everything else the region has to offer.