How to Fix Account Missing Overwatch License Error

Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

A tricky Overwatch error could be causing potential players some problems. Here's how to fix the 'account missing Overwatch license' error.

As the new year rolls around, it's often the time to make some changes or try new things. Some players might be thinking of taking up a new competitive game to try their hand at in 2022. If Overwatch it your game of choice then you might have recently encountered a strange error which says that your account is missing an Overwatch license.

Without much information and guidance, this error message has the potential to stump a lot of players. Here's what you need to know about this error and how to fix it should it occur.

What is the Account Missing Overwatch License Error?

Simply put, when you receive the 'account missing Overwatch license' error, or 'no Overwatch license found,' it means that an active Overwatch license isn't available on whichever account you're currently using.

According to Blizzard's support page, "An active Overwatch license may be visible on accounts which do not own Overwatch. This can be due to a previous Overwatch free trial or a revoked game for billing reasons."

So, if your free trial has expired without you realising it, then there's a good chance that is what's causing the error. Alternatively, if an account logs in that the license isn't attached to and attempts to play Overwatch, then they will receive the message.

How to Fix Account Missing Overwatch License Error

The simplest fix is to make sure you have logged into the correct account. If you happen to share computers, then this is a common cause.

Alternatively, if you happen to have an Overwatch license, it might not be valid. This can be due to the aforementioned free trial period expiring. The solution here is to purchase the full game.

Players can also try the following if they're sure they have an active license:

  • Login and verify the license is showing up on the account management page
  • If you see it: clear your cache files and then try again

There is another cause that's probably the most frustrating out of the bunch. If you've purchased a secondhand physical copy of Overwatch, then it's likely that the PC licence has already been used. This is because the disk only serves to install the game, it does not provide the means to activate it. The license must be activated with a code that comes with new copies of the game.

If this code has been used, then the secondhand copy is essentially useless.

If it turns out that none of the above situations apply, players are best advised to contact Blizzard's support. There's a chance that the error is cropping up due to a bug or glitch that requires some fixing on Blizzard's side. The only option here is to simply wait it out.