How to Fix Error Code LC 208 in Overwatch 2

How to Fix Error Code lc 208 in Overwatch 2
How to Fix Error Code lc 208 in Overwatch 2 / Blizzard Entertainment

Overwatch 2 has a number of bugs that are being addressed after the game launched this month, like error code LC 208.

When a new game launches, bugs and errors are to be expected, that has been shown in Overwatch 2 so far. Overwatch 2 launched on Oct. 4, 2022. The Blizzard Entertainment sequel to Overwatch has gotten a lot of playtime from gamers, but has also received some hate thanks to errors and bugs.

One of the biggest error codes on gamers' screens is LC 208. This error code appears when players are disconnected while in the middle of the game. Luckily though there are a few possible fixes for this mid-game error.

How to Fix Error Code LC 208 in Overwatch 2

One big way to decrease the likelihood of LC 208 is by connecting to an ethernet connection. Rather than using wireless wifi connecting your console using ethernet could increase your connection and make the game more stable.

Another option is to delete and redownload the entire game to see if that helps, or turn off and turning back on the console to try and help the connection. Players will definitely want to keep up to date with how things are going for other gamers.

Players should also check to make sure that the Overwatch 2 servers are up and running. There have been more than a few instances of the server going down in just a few weeks since it has been out. A number of sites will offer tracking of server statuses for games like Overwatch and even checking Twitter can help.

Overwatch 2 is a new game. When a new game comes out, there are definitely going to be challenges along the way. We see that here with Overwatch 2, like how players were getting disconnected when earning achievements or how heroes were locked for old players. Fixing these bugs will take some time, so the biggest way to fix the LC 208 error is, unfortunately, patience.