How to Fix Fortnite Audio Issues on Xbox

Image courtesy of Epic Games

Getting some audio glitches and lag? Here's how to fix the Fortnite audio issues on Xbox.

Online games, for all of their merits, are often subject to some pretty annoying bugs. Due to being updated almost constantly, there's no surprise that problems manage to sneak in somewhere. Even a well-oiled machine such as Fortnite isn't invincible, and the latest issue to creep in seems to be some audio glitches affecting Xbox players.

Players have taken to every forum and social media channel around to try and get some answers and fixes, with the glitch seemingly affecting players in different ways. Some say that the audio lags, others that it completely cuts out. So far it seems that the problem is only affecting Xbox, with players on other platforms seemingly spared. So, how do you fix it?

How to Fix Fortnite Audio Issues on Xbox

Sadly, it seems fixes for this particular issue are rather vague. Some players have had success through simply restarting the game, while others have had to restart their whole console.

This hasn't worked for everyone, though. Some report that the issue simply starts back up again once you queue for a match. As frustrating as it is, Epic Games have confirmed that they're aware of the issue and are looking into it.

At the time of writing a fix has yet to be deployed, but it's only a matter of time. Stay patient and keep an eye on the @FortniteStatus Twitter page for updates.