How to Fix NBA 2K23 Crashing on Xbox Series X

Image courtesy of 2K

While information about solutions is limited, it appears that there are a few ways to fix NBA 2K23 from crashing on the Xbox Series X.

While patches are supposed to bring balance and stability to a game, there inevitably comes a time when the newest patch for a game breaks what it was trying to fix. In the case of NBA 2K23, Update 1.006 was supposed to help stabilize the game and fix known bugs plaguing the NBA 2K23.

Unfortunately for NBA 2K23 players on Xbox Series X, this update also caused the game to crash repeatedly. While there hasn't been an official response from the developers on how to fix this mistake, we've compiled some remedies found online that are said to fix the problem.

How to Fix NBA 2K23 Crashing on Xbox Series X

While information about an official fix is limited, there have been a few basic ways people have managed to get 2K23 back up and running.

The first way is a simple hard restart to your Xbox Series X. Some players have reported that doing so caused the game to fix itself and allowed them to play without issues.

Another way to fix this problem is to reinstall the game. While this solution will take longer to do, it might fix the problems until an official update is put in place to fix the game.

The final solution is much riskier, so players with a lot of saved data should focus on the first two tips instead. Some players have reported that deleting their save files fixed the problem for them at the cost of losing their progress.

While these solutions are merely a temporary way to fix the problem with NBA 2K23 until an official patch is released, some of these solutions have been reported to work.