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How to Fix Saints Row Error ce-107880-4

Courtesy of Deep Silver

Saints Row players may be wondering what to do if they've encountered error ce-107880-4. This error seems to exist only on the PS5 version and may have to do with issues related to pre-ordering the game.

The newest title in the long-running open-world series, Saints Row sets place in a fictional city reminiscent of Las Vegas. There, players cause the usual mayhem with friends that's typical of the series while completing missions and customizing their character. However, some players are having difficulty getting into the game to begin with. One error code in particular, ce-107880-4, seems to target PS5 players in particular.

How to Fix Saints Row Error ce-107880-4

There doesn't seem to be a clear way to fix Saints Row Error ce-107880-4. According to a Reddit thread, PS5 players have encountered an error during the installation process. In particular, players that either pre-ordered Saints Row or got bonus content through certain versions seem to be having the most issues.

Like many computer issues, the best fix is most likely to restart the console. Besides that, there really isn't much of a known solution to this problem. If after restarting the console you still have problems, you will likely need to wait for Deep Silver to patch the game to fix the problem.