How to Fix TFT Error Code 8FE

Courtesy of Riot Games

Some TFT players might have encountered the 8FE error code, specifically on mobile. This error code seems related to connection issues and can generally be resolved by resetting your internet connection or waiting for the servers to be fixed.

There aren't many reports of TFT error code 8FE, but some on Reddit have complained of not being able to play TFT due to this issue. The complaints are over a year old, but players still encountering the issue have some remedies for solving the problem. With Patch 12.14 coming in just a few days, it's important to know how to deal with these issues so you can get to playing as soon as possible.

How to Fix TFT Error Code 8FE

The first remedy to fixing TFT error code 8FE is to reset your internet connection. The easiest way to do this is to go into your device's settings and turn your Wi-Fi off and on again. You can also enable mobile data to be used on TFT if you have it disabled since the issue might lie in difficulties with your Wi-Fi.

Other than that, the other best remedy seems to, unfortunately, be to wait. Riot Games is constantly working on their servers given how popular their games are, and there can occasionally be issues. Give it a couple of hours and check the Riot Support Twitter to see if others are having server issues.