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How to Fix the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Blue Screen

Image courtesy of 343 Industries

Getting a blue screen in the Halo Infinite multiplayer beta? Here's how to fix it.

As part of Xbox's 20th Anniversary event, 343 Industries dropped a massive announcement. The Halo Infinite multiplayer beta is now live, leading an army of fans to immediately download it and hop on. Sadly, though, it hasn't been an easy start-up for everyone. Some players have been encountering a blue screen when trying to launch the game on PCs and consoles.

Fortunately, 343 Industries are on the case and there seems to be a fix for the issue. Here's what you need to know.

How to Fix the Halo Infinite Multiplayer Blue Screen

If you're playing the beta on PC, you may have encountered the blue screen after launching the game from the Xbox app. The build is still publishing, according to Community Director Brian Jarrard, and is expected to be resolved soon. So, for PC players you can either launch the game via Steam or wait for Xbox app to sort itself out.

If you're playing on Xbox, you likely would have encountered the screen after downloading the game. According to Halo Support, console players are experiencing the same beta roll out issues as PC and that an update is on the way. If the update has become available, download it and then restart your console. Many players have reported that this fixes the issue, leaving you to jump into the beta without a problem.

If the problem persists, though, you'll likely have to wait until the beta has been fully rolled out and fixed.