How to Fix Valorant Error 0xc0000005

Image courtesy of Riot Games

Players have been encountering the message "application was unable to start correctly" or the "0xc0000005" error. Here's how to fix it.

With every patch usually comes a few errors that need stamping out, and Valorant is no exception. Many players logging into the game as of late may have encountered an error message saying that the game was "unable to start correctly" or, alternatively, error code "0xc0000005."

Fortunately, it doesn't tend to be an unsolvable problem. Here's how to fix the "unable to start correctly" or the "0xc0000005" error in Valorant.

How to Fix Valorant Unable to Start Correctly and 0xc0000005 Error

When these errors crop up, it usually just means that the game was unable to start up as it should. A good first step to fixing this is by quitting out of the Valorant client and relaunching it. It's worth trying this a few times to give the game a chance to boot up correctly.

If after this you still encounter the error, you may need to restart your PC. This gives everything a chance to reboot, and also complete any updates that may be outstanding. Certain anti-virus software may also be causing the issue, so it's worth trying to disable software on your machine and then relaunching Valorant.

If the issue persists, and everything is up to date, then you might have to reinstall Valorant completely. While not an ideal solution, it should fix most of the remaining issues.