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How to Fix Warzone Freeze Glitch

Call of Duty: Warzone Loadout Drops
Call of Duty: Warzone Loadout Drops / Photo by Activision

Warzone's freeze glitch is an issue that afflicts both casual and competitive Call of Duty players. The game received a patch to fix a glitch that caused players to be permanently stuck to their loadout box, but players still find themselves frozen for several seconds. No patch has been dedicated to fix this shorter glitch at this time, but an in-game workaround may have been found.

How to Fix Warzone's Freeze Glitch

In a reply on another video that showcases this glitch by Reddit user '88GetBent88', Reddit user 'heymanitsdan' comments how to fix Warzone's freeze glitch: "I’ve learned that if you go to options during that game, before accessing the load out, it won’t freeze. I’ve started doing it in the plane." The fix is fairly simple to follow, but it's still up to the player to remember to do so until a patch is released.

  1. Open the menu as the plane is flying into Verdansk
  2. Scroll over to the "Options" tab
  3. If a lag happens, wait it out
  4. Close the menu as soon as the game loads

Grabbing your custom loadout is a widely popular feature in Warzone, and it's borderline a necessity for any player to grab his or hers if they plan on winning the game. Being stuck in a glitch that prevents you from being able to do so could cost any player the game long before the final teams face off.

Players who have tried this method have reported nothing other than success. Although not a permanent solution, it's a solution nonetheless while we all wait for a patch.