How to Fix Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" Error

Here's how to fix Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error.
Here's how to fix Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error. / Activision

Looking for a quick fix to your Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile frequent crashes? We have everything you need to know about how to avoid the Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error.

Warzone Mobile launched today, finally giving fans the chance to once again play Verdansk and Rebirth Island. The two OG maps are only featured in Warzone Mobile, making the game a must-play title for most of the community (even those who are not typically fans of mobile games). Before some players can even begin to chase a Battle Royale or Resurgence victory, though, they are met with an "unsupported GPU" error that crashes their game.

Here's a breakdown of what the "unsupported GPU" error means, and how to fix the issue in the future.

What is the Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" error? Answered

The Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error occurs when your mobile device overheats, likely because your device's GPU does not meet the necessary requirements to run Warzone Mobile. The error is currently the most recurring way to get kicked off the game.

Unfortunately, the error message does not provide any suggestions on how to avoid the issue moving forward. If you keep encountering the pesky error, then check out the most common ways to fix the Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error.

How to Fix Warzone Mobile "Unsupported GPU" Error

To fix the Warzone Mobile "unsupported GPU" error, you can try several well-known solutions. Firstly, make sure you Apple or Android device has the latest software installed. Then, try closing out of the app (and all your other apps) before restarting the game. If that does not work, restart your mobile device.

Some players have also reported that they found success playing while their phone was charging.

If the error persists, your device is likely just not compatible with Warzone Mobile. Check out all the minimum device requirements for the game and then determine if your device meets the standards. If not, then you will continue to run into the same issue every match.