How to Free Skate THPS 1+2

How to Free Skate THPS 1+2 and show of your skills
How to Free Skate THPS 1+2 and show of your skills / Activision

How to Free Skate THPS 1+2 is an important part of the game to know.

Free Skate mode has always been popular in Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater games. With the release of Tony Hawk's Pro-Skater 1+2 remaster this past Thursday, Sept. 3, it's no wonder players are looking to remaster their own skills in the mode. Fortunately, Activision didn't skip out on this feature.

THPS does feature a Free Skate and Ranked multiplayer mode, of course, but for some players, nothing beats being able to relax and explore the landscape on your own.

How to Free Skate THPS 1+2

Free Skate mode is not available while you're currently playing Tony Hawk Pro-Skater 1 or 2. You'll need to exit out completely to the main menu in order to enter Free Skate. The steps to enter this mode are as follows:

  1. Enter the Main Menu
  2. From the Main Menu, select "Skate Tours"
  3. Find the select the third option: "Ranked & Free Skate"
  4. Choose any available level and select the "Free Skate" and "Solo Session" options

If done correctly, this should launch you directly into a solo session of the game's free skate mode. You can travel around to any location or area in the level you've selected.