How to Frost Up Kratos’ Ax in God of War Ragnarök

Santa Monica Studio | Screenshot: Alexandra Hobbs

Elemental infusion plays a huge role in God of War Ragnarök when it comes to Kratos’ Axe. Released on Nov. 9, this game expands on the gameplay and lore of its predecessor, God of War.  

Once players get their hands on the Leviathan axe at the start of the game, frosting up the deadly weapon can prove to be useful in battle. Here is a guide on how to frost up Kratos’ Axe in God of War Ragnarök. 

How to Frost Up Kratos’ Axe

The process of frosting up Kratos’ Axe in God of War Ragnarök differs from that of the old game. Fortunately, players no longer need to track down the five Frozen Flames that were scattered throughout the map. 

This time, in order to activate the Frost ability, players need to unlock ‘Frost Awaken I’ which will naturally come as players progress through the game.

After a player acquires this ability, it will activate in battle when a player holds down the triangle button right before their next attack. A brief cutscene will follow and the next hit on the enemy will inflict more damage. This special attack lasts only once before players have to wait for the weapon to recharge.

As players advance further in the game, the frost ability will continue to upgrade which will allow for more planned, advanced attacks. Here are all the possible Frost Awaken upgrades for Kratos’ Axe:

  • Frost Awaken II: Frost Awaken can be activated while running.
  • Frost Awaken III: Enables you to hold the triangle to freeze your ax while it is recharging
  • Frost Awaken IV: After each hit, the Frost Awaken instantly charges up after pressing triangle. This allows for combination attacks.