How to Get 20 Kills in One Apex Legends Match

How to get 20 kills in one Apex Legends match and earn the badge the easy way
How to get 20 kills in one Apex Legends match and earn the badge the easy way /

Apex Legends offers players various badges to show off their in-game achievements. These achievements vary in difficulty, but one of the most taxing by far requires players to rack up 20 kills in a single game.

This challenge is now significantly easier to earn as a result of the Shadowfall mode Respawn Entertainment introduced in the Apex Legends Halloween celebration. In Shadowfall, 35 players fight on a night-time version of Kings Canyon. When players die, they respawn infinitely as shadow versions of themselves.

Shadow players can't use weapons and have only 50HP, but have increased movement speed and melee damage.

Apex Legends players have discovered that killing shadows counts toward the 20-kill badge. Because shadows have less health, can't fire back and respawn infinitely, they make earning the 20-kill badge far easier than in a standard Apex match.

The most effective method for picking up the badge is to store up arc stars and grenades for the end of the game. When you board the ship to escape, all the enemy shadows will crowd beneath you. Chuck your throwables into the mob and you'll pick up a massive windfall of kills, as shown in u/gmoneydab's Reddit video.

Shadowfall is scheduled to end Nov. 5.

Photo courtesy of Respawn Entertainment/Electronic Arts; video via u/gmoneydab