How to Get a Counter UAV in Warzone

Counter UAVs are now in Warzone. Here's how to get one.
Counter UAVs are now in Warzone. Here's how to get one. / Photo by Infinity Ward

Counter UAVs have flew under the radar and entered Warzone. A normal unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) is a Killstreak that summons a drone to reveal your enemies' location, so what does the Counter UAV do? Let's get one and find out.

The Counter UAV is a drone, but it jams information for your enemies. It will shut off their mini-map and disable their UAVs.

How to Get a Counter UAV in Warzone

There are two ways to get the Counter UAV in Warzone. The first is by finding one on the ground or in a chest. It's one of the rarest pieces of loot in the game, so this isn't the most reliable way to get one.

The other way is to buy and uses four normal UAVs in quick succession. You can either do this yourself or have members of your team use them at the same time to get the Counter UAV effect.

Each UAV costs $4,000 and using all of them at once will give you a Counter UAV. At $16,000 it's not cheap but you'll also get an Advanced UAV. The Advanced UAV will reveal enemies more frequently, as well as their position.

Activating the Counter UAV this way will alert the enemy that your Counter UAV is active, but you won't get a notification or indication that it's even on.

The Counter UAVs with the Advanced UAV are best used at the end of the match where you can flank the last few enemies while they have trouble spotting you. It's also useful right when the circle shrinks, so you can disorient enemies and hopefully lose them in the gas.

Leaks have pointed to Counter UAVS coming to buy stations for $4,500, but until that arrives your only way of getting it is through those two methods.