How to Get a Juggernaut Suit from Warzone Bunkers

Juggernaut suits offer stellar defense and shocking firepower.
Juggernaut suits offer stellar defense and shocking firepower. / Photo by Infinity Ward/Activision

Juggernaut killstreaks can be tide-turning advantages in Warzone, allowing players to push past the upper bound on health and armor and to wield a powerful chain gun. These killstreaks can occasionally be found in Verdansk's various locked bunkers. Here's how to get inside those bunkers and claim a juggernaut for yourself.

The first step to entering a bunker is finding a Red Access Card. These rare Warzone loot pieces can only be found inside supply boxes, so you'll need to open as many boxes as you can find. If you find one and pick it up, an indicator next to your health bar will tell you you now have access to bunkers.

With the keycard in your inventory, head to any of the five bunkers on the map that can be accessed using the Red Access Card. These bunkers are spread around the edges of the map in the following locations:

  • Southwest of Hills, by the edge of the map
  • In Prison
  • East-southeast of Dam, in the hills
  • Half a kilometer south of Military Base
  • East of Quarry, along the edge of the playable area

While there's no guarantee you'll find a juggernaut inside, you'll be sure to find valuable loot of some kind. Hit enough bunkers and you'll significantly up your chances of finding a juggernaut.