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How to Get a Paper Press in V Rising

Image courtesy of Stunlock Studios

V Rising, while still being in Steam Early Access, has already proven incredibly popular with players. If you're one such vampire on a quest to take down bosses and become incredibly powerful, but are missing out on the resources to get your hands on a Paper Press, here's everything you need to know.

How to Get a Paper Press in V Rising

In your quest as a vampire to level up, get new items, and take down bosses, paper will be a critical resource to obtain early and often throughout V Rising. Paper is a resource that opens up nearly every other resource in the game to you. You will need paper for almost every new item researched at the Research Desk, which will unlock castle structures, magic, weapons, armor, and more for you to use. Additionally, paper can be used to craft scrolls which will in turn be used for higher level research and better items.

You can obtain paper fairly easily in the early game, through clearing out enemies at Bandit Camps or looting chests and barrels you find. However, you'll really get a lot of paper through crafting it. You only need three Plant Fibers and nine Sawdust to make one sheet of paper. In order to craft paper, though, you'll need a Paper Press.

Crafting a Paper Press is also fairly easy. You will not have to take on any V Blood Bosses in order to unlock the ability to craft your own Paper Press. Crafting a Paper Press requires 12 Copper and 12 Planks to complete, both of which are early game resources that should be easy to farm as long as you have some equipment to do so.

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