How to Get a Power Pass in Lost Ark

Image courtesy of Smilegate RPG

Need a Power Pass in Lost Ark but aren't sure where to look? We've got you covered.

A Power Pass is a very unique item in Lost Ark. It provides a boost that enables you to automatically level a character up to Level 50. Why would you want to do that? Well, Lost Ark currently doesn't allow players to change their character's class. Not without starting over, at least. If you want to experience a different class, without having to level up all over again, a Power Pass allows you to do just that.

Essentially, you'll be able to hit up all of the endgame content with a brand new character, adding another max level character to your roster.

As you might expect, such a rare consumable isn't easy to come by. In fact, players have to put in a bit of work to get one. Here's what you need to know.

How to Get a Power Pass in Lost Ark

In order to get hold of a Power Pass, players will need to have finished Lost Ark’s main quest, completing the mission Ealyn’s Gift.

Doing this will prompt the game to automatically send you a Power Pass token via the in-game mailbox. Be sure to check it after completing the mission. You can then head to your character select menu and use it on whichever new character you wish.

The game will send you another Power Pass after this, but it's the only other one you'll be able to get hold of. Lost Ark limits each account to a total of two Power Passes, so be sure you're using it in a sensible manner.

So, in short, you'll have to put in the work at least once to make it to the end of the main quest. After that, you can use a Power Pass to bring a new character up to Level 50.