How to Get a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO 2021

Image provided by Niantic.
Image provided by Niantic. /

There are plenty of Pokemon with various evolutions in Pokemon GO, though a few will need some items to evolve, like the Sinnoh Stone. Here’s how to acquire Sinnoh Stones in Pokemon GO. 

Sinnoh Stones are necessary to evolve certain Pokemon, mostly those who originated from the Sinnoh Region. In addition to needing candies, the items must be used in conjunction, and consumed upon evolution. It’s similar to how stones worked in the original Pokemon games, with players needing to find and use them.

The following Pokemon can evolve with the Sinnoh Stone:

  • Electabuzz - Electivire
  • Magmar - Magmortar
  • Rhydon - Rhyperior
  • Tangela - Tangrowth
  • Lickitung - Lickilicky
  • Gligar - Gliscor
  • Misdreavus - Mismagius
  • Murkrow - Honchkrow
  • Togetic - Togekiss
  • Piloswine - Mamoswine
  • Aipom - Ambipom
  • Yanma - Yanmega
  • Porygon2 - Porygon-Z
  • Sneasel - Weavile
  • Snorunt (female only) - Froslass
  • Roselia - Roserade
  • Dusclops - Dusknoir
  • Kirlia (male only) - Gallade

How to Get a Sinnoh Stone in Pokemon GO 2021

One way to get Sinnoh Stones quickly is by participating in Community Days featuring Pokemon that can evolve using them. The most recent event featured Duskskull, and players were given four Sinnoh Stones to stock up on. Of course, the intention was to use the stones to evolve Dusclops into Dusknoir, but players were more than able to keep the stones for themselves.

The usual ways players will acquire Sinnoh Stones is through rewards, and this can happen from a multitude of methods. Players can complete challenges in Special Research Quests to earn stones, or players can maintain seven-day Pokestop streaks to have a shot of earning a stone. 

Sinnoh Stones and all evolutions with it are available to obtain in Pokemon GO.