How to Get Adam Cole in WWE 2K22

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Adam Cole left WWE in mid-2021, and made his AEW debut in December 2021. He was one of the more popular superstars in WWE's NXT, and left many WWE fans devastated with his departure. With him leaving, 2K Sports also did not add him to the new WWE 2K22.

However, if you were looking forward to using Adam Cole in WWE 2K22, whether it be in exhibitions or for your Universe/MyGM mode, you still can add him to your roster, thanks to the Online Creation Suite. Here's how to get Adam Cole in WWE 2K22.

How to Get Adam Cole in WWE 2K22

You can add Adam Cole to WWE 2K22 using the Online Community Creation Suite.

Thanks to the creation suite in WWE 2K22, players can create their own WWE Superstars, titles, arenas and more. You can download any of these superstars straight from the creation center and play with them in your exhibitions or even in Universe Mode, allowing for even more potential storylines.

Many players have already uploaded Adam Cole CAWs, as well as his attires, to WWE 2K22. One of the more accurate ones we have discovered comes from popular WWE 2K22 content creator WhatsTheStatus.

This CAW includes his AEW debut attire, ring attire and a title entrance for Cole as well. He looks almost identical to his real life counterpart, and you can still equip his best moves in the move-set creator as well.

Simply search for the tags "ADAMCOLE" and "BAYBAY2022AM", and choose the one created by either of WhatsTheStatus' accounts.