How to Get Aliens Off Your Head in Fortnite

How to get aliens off your head in Fortnite Season 7.
How to get aliens off your head in Fortnite Season 7. / Photo courtesy of Epic Games

Getting aliens off your head in Fortnite can be a matter of life and death. Although these extraterrestrial visitors can provide you with special bonuses including faster movement speed and a higher vertical, they also drain your health over time. Knowing how to get one off your head is essential to using them effectively and safely.

How to Get Aliens Off Your Head in Fortnite

These alien parasites start to drain the player's health down to 60 as soon as they attach to a head. The draining happens slowly over time, but you may not want to go all the way down to 60 health, so knowing how to get the alien off is valuable information.

As of right now, there are four ways to get one of these alien parasites to jump off your head. The simplest way is to jump into some water that's deep enough to swim in. As soon as you dunk yourself in the drink the alien should hop right off.

Another option is to burn off the alien parasite by jumping into a campfire. It may heal you, but the parasite won't appreciate the heat, and it should let go of your head.

Third up is to interact with a prop such as a Port-a-potty or a dumpster. This should force the alien off.

The fourth and final option is to have another player shoot you in the head. This will knock the alien right off of you, and you won't take headshot damage, but you can hardly control where enemies shoot you, so maybe don't plan around this one. More often than not, this removal method will be a conscious choice by your opponent, preventing you from benefitting from the bonuses the alien parasite provides.