How to Get AtlasPass v1 in No Man’s Sky

Photo courtesy Hello Games

In No Man's Sky, players will have to get used to the Atlas Pass. which has various tiers for players to pick up during gameplay.

The Atlas Pass can be obtained by during hunting and so can the other variations.

Here's what we know about No Man's Sky Atlas Pass v1.

How to Get AtlasPass v1 in No Man’s Sky

Version 1 of the Atlas Pass is the easiest for players to obtain during their run of the game.

Players will collect the Atlas Pass v1 from an alien Gek named Polo. This alien you collect the Atlas Pass from lives on the Space Anomaly, which players will meet at various points through the game's journey.

For those who are playing No Man's Sky for the first time, you won't see the Space Anomaly until the third galaxy, which is two time-warp jumps.

Once players get to the Space Anomaly, players can head into and speak to Polo. He'll give you a quest to complete a Milestone and a reward on the spot.

After completing the quest, players should return to Polo, and he'll tell you to return again in two hours... in real time.

Finally, once the player comes back for the second time, you can choose a technology blueprint for your Starship, Exosuit or Multi-Tool, as well as the Atlas Pass v1.