How to Get Blitz Tix in Madden 23

How to get Blitz Tix in Madden 23
How to get Blitz Tix in Madden 23 / EA

Madden 23 has a lot of cool rewards worth getting hold of, like the current All Madden 3 line-up. However, you need Blitz Tix to acquire packs.

In past versions of Madden, one of the in-game curriencies was called Blitz Ticket. This year, however, EA replaced that with Blitz Tix. Both currencies serve the same purpose though: to buy packs and players. To get Blitz Tix, the process is pretty straight forward.

How to get Blitz Tix in Madden 23

Blitz Tix can be obtained through buying Blitz packs and players from the store. To buy these packs and players you need Blitz Bux — another form of in-game currency. Blitz Bux can be earned through completing challenges and playing games.

Spending more Blitz Bux in the game will earn more Blitz Tix. So the best way to earn currency is by playing and buying from the shop. If you don't have enough Blitz Bux you can use Madden coins, which can be purchased with real currency, to buy a pack and land more Tix.

Blitz Tix can be used to purchase a few legendary players, often costing 1500 Blitz Tix. It's going to take some time before you are actually going to be able to acquire them.

Michael Vick, Steve Smith Sr, Montez Seat and Night Train Lane can all be purchased with Blitz Tix right now.