How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

Real Mario Kart In Tokyo
Real Mario Kart In Tokyo / Keith Tsuji/Getty Images

How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour is the question most players seem to be wondering as to why they rarely see Bullet Bill as an item.

Mario Kart Tour has released new challenges with new 'Paris Tour' being added to the game. One challenge in particular asks the the player to crash three times using Bullet Bill which unfortunately it is a hard item to come by.

How to Get Bullet Bill in Mario Kart Tour

All items in the game have different drop rates, and those number increase based on positioning during a race. If Bullet Bill has not been giving to you as an item it is probably because your too far ahead. Yes, being really good at Mario Kart Tour lowers your chances at getting Bullet Bill. Although, there are ways to counter this issue.

Ironically falling in last place in Mario Kart Tour can be tricky. To lessen the difficulty, you should consider racing at the highest difficulty, which is 150cc. At the start of a race hold down the Rocket Start for an extended period of time. This will allow the racers to get a head start on you in the race. Over the course of the race, wide turns and driving into obstacles are your best bet.

By this time you should be so far behind that you'll be more likely to get Bullet Bill in an item box. Bullet Bill will only drop when your in last or second to last. By tanking most of the race you gain access to one of the funnest items in the game.

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