How to Get Burrower Soundshells in Horizon Forbidden West

Photo courtesy Guerrilla Games/Screenshots: Alexandra Hobbs

To get Burrower soundshells in Horizon Forbidden West, it will require Aloy to hunt down a pack of Burrowers. Soundshells can be very important when it comes to leveling up Aloy’s gear. The item is not necessary for the first couple of levels, but as Aloy gets past three, it is necessary to have some of these soundshells on hand whenever Aloy wants to upgrade her armor and weapons.

How to Get Burrower Soundshells in Horizon Forbidden West

As Horizon Forbidden West is filled with mechanical monsters who pose a threat to the humans, in order to grow stronger, many humans, especially the protagonist, have to utilize the machines in order to upgrade their own gear. This means taking items called soundshells out of the mechanical enemies called Burrowers.

The only way a soundshell can be obtained is if Aloy can shoot it out of the monster by using her bow.

Thankfully, Burrowers are extremely common, so finding a pack or two won’t be a hard mission. But be careful when it comes to attacking these creatures as they will use their soundwaves to destabilize Aloy, making her unable to defend herself.

Aim for a glowing white light that is emitted from their throat and shoot. This won’t kill the monster, but it will drop the soundshell that Aloy was looking for.