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How to Get Cat Ears in Halo Infinite

Image courtesy of @HaloNoticiasMX /343 Industries

Cat ears are the must-have accessory for your Spartan in Halo Infinite. Here's how to get them.

Who knew that something so simple such as cat ears on a Spartan helmet would take the internet by storm. This new cosmetic may have only just become available but it's already proven to be a hit with fans. Be it comical or cute, these cat ears certainly give players an interesting look when blasting up enemies.

Halo Infinite's Winter Contingency update has added a bunch of new cosmetics to the game, so how do you get your hands on the now-famous cat ears?

How to Get Cat Ears in Halo Infinite

While a good deal of decent cosmetics can be unlocked via the battle pass, sadly the cat ears are a paid cosmetic. Players wanting to get hold of the helmet attachment will need to purchase the Cat Lovers bundle from the Item Shop for 1000 Credits. This puts the real-world price at $8.99.

Perhaps a pretty smart move on 343 Industries' part. Who wouldn't consider dropping the cash for a pair of cute Spartan cat ears?

The bundle contains the following items:

  • Faded Blush (Mark VII epic armor coating)
  • Purrfect Audio (epic helmet attachment)
  • Tabby (rare charm)
  • Kat (epic charm)

Once purchased, players will need to equip the Purrfect Audio helmet attachment (cat ears) via the Armor Hall.

You'll only have a limited time to get hold of the bundle before the Item Shop refreshes.