How to Get Catwoman Zero Skin in Fortnite Season 6

The Catwoman Zero skin is among several new DC Comics skins added to Fortnite recently in partnership with DC Comics, and fans of the series are excited to try them on and squad up. With Fortnite having previously partnered with Marvel to release skins on their famed heroes, having the Caped Crusader and other Batman legends join in is great news for Fortnite fans and DC Comics fans alike.

That being said, with this announcement being so recent, some players might not know how they can acquire this new skin. Not to worry, however. Here's how you can get your hands on the newest skin in the Fortnite x DC Comics collab.

How to Get Catwoman Zero Skin in Fortnite Season 6

According to a blog post from Fortnite, the Catwoman Zero Skin will be available in the item shop starting May 18. As far as the price of the skin goes, well that's a little murkier. The Batman Zero Skin, when it was released on May 4, went for 1,500 V-Bucks, so it makes sense that the Catwoman Zero Skin would be sold for the same or a similar price point. Of course, with Fortnite skins, the cost varies, so it remains to be seen how many V-Bucks players will have to fork over for the Catwoman Zero Skin.

After the Catwoman Zero Skin released, it will be awhile for DC Comics fans to get the next skin in the collection, when the Deathstroke Zero Skin drops on June 1.