How to Get Chespin in Pokemon GO

How to Get Chespin in Pokemon GO
How to Get Chespin in Pokemon GO / Niantic Labs, The Pokemon Company

Trainers are learning how to get Chespin in Pokemon GO as part of the 5-Year Anniversary Collection Challenge.

Chespin, along with its Kalos region siblings Fennekin and Froakie, are officially part of the 5-Year Anniversary celebration in Pokemon GO. As part of the event, trainers have been tasked with completing a Collection Challenge that features every starter implemented in-game since its launch in 2016. Though its debut was fairly recent—just over half a year ago—Chespin is one such Pokemon on the list.

We've broken down how to get Chespin in Pokemon GO.

Chespin in Pokemon GO

There are three ways to get Chespin in Pokemon GO during the Anniversary event:

  • Attracted by Lures at local PokeStops
  • Complete a Research Task
  • Take it down in a one-star Raid

This may seem straightforward—and it typically is—but trainers should keep in mind that every featured Pokemon can be attracted by lures or offered as a research reward encounter. Including 5-Year Balloon Pikachu, that's 18 other Pokemon with the same chance of spawning.

Some trainers have reported that specific research tasks will offer exclusive encounters with a certain region. However, this has yet to be completely confirmed.

That means the best way to add Chespin to your team is to snag it after a raid. Chespin and the rest of the Kalos gang are currently available as one-star Raid bosses. Fortunately, at one-star difficulty, trainers should have no trouble solo-ing the encounter.

Chespin's PokeDex number is 650. Also known as the "Spiky Nut" Pokemon, it is best known for its ability to manipulate the spines on its head. They're usually relaxed and soft but can pierce rock if the Pokemon feels threatened.

Trainers can prompt Chespin's evolution into Quilladin and Chesnaught using 25 and 100 candies, respectively.