How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6

Image courtesy of Ubisoft

Gaming has a new good boy. Here's how to get Chorizo in Far Cry 6.

Anyone who has been following the Far Cry 6 marketing over the past few months will have seen the game's adorable puppy mascot, Chorizo. He's a tiny dachshund with a little wheelchair, ready to accompany you on your mission to topple the fascist regime. Chorizo is a stealth Amigo, and will be a perfect companion for players who like to go about things quietly. He's able to distract enemies and find resources, making him a more than useful friend to have on your journey.

So, how do you get Chorizo in Far Cry 6?

How to Get Chorizo in Far Cry 6

Luckily, it doesn't take too long before Chorizo is able to be recruited. He becomes available after completing the “Meet the Monteros” story mission, which is unlocked after finishing the introduction of the game.

After completing the "Meet the Monteros" mission, and unlocking the Montero Farm Guerilla Camp, Chorizo can be found outside of his kennel near the camp’s entrance. Read the note next to him to start the “Who’s A Good Boy?” mission, where you'll need to feed him his favourite snack - crocodile meat.

Where to Find Crocodile Meat in Far Cry 6

Crocodiles can be found all over Yara, but there's a particular hunting spot nearby in Costa del Mar which will serve the purpose. When you arrive at the location, be sure to check the water and in the bushes for a crocodile. When you spot one, aim for the head so as not to damage the meat.

Only one piece of crocodile meat will be needed for this mission. Once you have it, return to Montero Farm and place it in Chorizo’s bowl. After feeding him, there will be one more quest to do. Pet Chorizo to start a quest called "Fetch Quest" where you'll need to follow him around Montero Farm as he digs up items. After this, the quest will be over and Chorizo will be available as an Amigo.