How to get clothes on PUBG is a a simple process complicated only by the number of avenues toward success. There are plenty of ways to fill out your wardrobe, with particularities varying by platform. Here's how to do it on PC.

How to get Clothes on PUBG

On PC, most PUBG clothes can be obtained through the opening of various crates. Each crate series has a different pool of items that it pulls from, and opening a crate will reward the opening player with an item randomly selected from that pool. Some items are rarer than others, making them worth more money on the secondary market.

Crates are split between those that are free to open — which tend to have less valuable clothing items inside — and those for which keys must be purchased using real money.

In some cases, clothes can be earned through alternative means. Twitch Prime, for instance, awards players cosmetics every so often. Generally speaking, however, crates are the main source of clothing in PUBG.

Photo courtesy of PUBG Corp