How to Get Comet in Fortnite

Here's how to get Comet in Fortnite.
Here's how to get Comet in Fortnite. / Epic Games

After waiting over a week, fans can finally get Comet in Fortnite Chapter 5 Season 1.

Fortnite Winterfest 2023 drew heavy criticism for featuring almost no original Fortnite skins. In fact, the Item Shop, both during the holiday celebration and at the start of Fortnite Underground, mainly focused on mainstream collaborations and rereleases as opposed to fresh Fortnite characters connected to the game's lore. Fortunately, Epic Games has responded to the criticism with multiple new skins in the Item Shop to kick off 2024, and they are not slowing down.

Comet is the newest character in Fortnite, and players can get her skin in just one simple step.

How to Get Comet in Fortnite

To get Comet in Fortnite, you must purchase the skin from the Item Shop once it releases. Those who purchase the skin will also receive the Comet LEGO style for free, allowing the new character to exist in both Battle Royale and LEGO Fortnite.

The Comet Bundle also comes with the following corresponding cosmetics:

  • Traveler-Class Tekpack Back Bling
  • Rip Wrecker Pickaxe
  • Comet's Glow Wrap

Like always, fans will be able to purchase Comet separately for a lower price if they are not interested in the extra items.

When is Comet Coming to Fortnite?

Comet is coming to Fortnite on Tuesday, Feb. 6, 2024. Epic Games confirmed the skin's release date in the next Item Shop rotation.

The skin was first revealed to the Fortnite community when Epic Games posted an unknown character showing off the Dancin' Domino Emote. Quickly, the replies were full of fans clamoring for the developers to also release the skin.

In fact, the demand was so high that Epic Games responded to one user's post with Comet's expeditated launch in Fortnite. Check out the interaction below.

Make sure you follow Fortnite on X to be alerted as soon as Comet releases in the Item Shop. Lately, the newest Fortnite skins have not stayed available for too long, so be ready to purchase Comet before she disappears.