How to Get Crown Gems in ESO

Image courtesy of Bethesda

Wondering how to get Crown Gems in ESO? Here's what you need to know.

MMORPGs often have a number of in-game currencies. Knowing where to get them from and where to use them can be tricky to work out. Perhaps you've amassed a decent amount of a game's premium currency, walked yourself over the game's premium store, only to discover that the item you want can only be purchased with a different currency. An experience that players run the risk of in Elder Scrolls Online.

ESO's main premium currency is Crowns. These are used to purchase a variety of cosmetics, mounts, pets and more, but their use rarely impacts the overall game. Crown Gems are slightly different in that they can only be obtained in a specific way. Like Crowns, Crown Gems are used to buy cosmetics and consumables, but only under the Crown Crates section of the store.

Players will be able to trade in their Crown Gems for a selection of items, even something that you might really want from a Crown Crate but haven't been able to get. Though it's worth noting that the more exclusive the item, the more Crown Gems you'll need to drop.

So, how do players get hold of Crown Gems?

How to Earn Crown Gems in Elder Scrolls Online

Crown Gems can only be obtained through Crown Crates. When you open a Crown Crate but receive an item you already own, you'll have the chance to turn that item into Crown Gems. Players can also extract Crown Gems from unwanted items received via Crown Crates.

In this sense, it takes off some of the edge of gambling with Crown Crates as you're rarely guaranteed to get what you want.

To extract Crown Gems from an unwanted Crown Crate item select 'Gem Extraction' from the Crown Crate menu, then select the consumable you wish to extract the gems from, and select 'Extract' or 'Extract All'.