How to Get Epic Tracer Mcdonald's Skin

Blizzard Entertainment, McDonald's Corporation

Australian Overwatch 2 players will have the unique opportunity to unlock a free epic Tracer skin only at McDonald's or Macca's as it is known locally. By ordering one of the listed items over the next few weeks. Here is how Australians can get their free Tracer skin in Overwatch 2.

How to Get Tracer Mcdonald's Skin

Cross promotions in gaming have become popular in recent years. Thanks to live-service games like Fortnite and now Overwatch 2 various brands have collaborated to help promote their products. Overwatch 2 has launched free-to-play where epic skins and other in-game items are sold in order to make up for the game is free to play.

Until the end of the month, customers can use the Australian McDonald's mobile app better known as the MyMacca's app to purchase select foods to receive a free Tracer skin.

With the purchase of a Big Mac McChicken or ten-piece McNugget combo meal customers will earn the Lighting Tracer epic skin. This skin was first introduced back in 2018 during an anniversary event of the first Overwatch game. Tracer mains who happen to have a craving in McDonald's will be rewarded with a tasty meal.

As funny as it may seem to go order McDonald's for one alternative skin for a video game think of it as Happy Meal for Tracer players. There is no official word yet if the promotional event will be brought over to other countries but it seems likely. There is no doubt that this will be the last type of cross-brand promotion that will be seen for Overwatch 2. At least this one comes with fries.