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How to Get Fallout 3 for Free


Fallout 3 is set to be free later this month. Here's how to claim it.

One of Bethesda's most influential RPGs, Fallout 3, will be up for grabs along with its DLC later this month. Players looking to revisit the post-apocalyptic world of the Capital Wasteland, or even step foot for the first time, will have the perfect opportunity coming up.

As part of Epic Game's free game offerings, Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition will be available to download without spending a single Bottlecap. The game will be available on the Epic Games Store from Oct. 20 up until Oct. 27. Also up for grabs that week is Shiro Games' 2013 RPG Evoland: Legendary Edition.

Fallout 3 to be Free on Epic Games Store This Month

In order to take advantage of the free game offer, players will need to have an Epic Games account. Once signed in, players will be able to add the game to their library. It's worth noting that the free games will only be available on PC, so console fans will sadly miss out this time around.

That said, Fallout 3 is already available to play as part of the Xbox Game Pass line-up. Those with a Game Pass subscription will be able to play the RPG title at no additional cost.

On the Epic Games Store this week are Darkwood and ToeJam & Earl: Back in the Groove!, with both games available for free until Oct. 20.