To get Fifa 20 beta access, players will need to have been invited via an email from Electronic Arts. Here's how to get an email for yourself.

How to Get Fifa 20 Beta Access

The Fifa 20 beta is a closed beta, meaning only a select group of players will actually receive codes and gain access to the beta. The beta is also only available on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Players on PC and Nintendo Switch will have to wait for the game itself to release.

To be invited to the closed beta, players must sign up to receive promotional emails from EA with an email address linked to their EA account. If they are already on that email list with a linked address, they have the chance to receive an invitation to the closed beta. No other steps are necessary.

Beta access can't be transferred to any other players, so the email is the only way to get into the beta.

The Fifa 20 beta runs from Aug. 9 to Aug. 21.

Photo courtesy of Electronic Arts