How to Get FIFA 23 Beta Access

Women's Soccer features prominently in the marketing for FIFA 23
Women's Soccer features prominently in the marketing for FIFA 23 / Image Courtesy of EA Sports

Want FIFA 23 beta access like everyone else? Here's what you need to know.

With the news of FIFA 23's release date and pre-order bonuses making headlines in the last few weeks, FIFA fans everywhere are yearning for information on how to access the upcoming game's beta.

The beta period will give fans a chance to play an almost finished version of FIFA 23. It is a way not only for gamers to get an early taste of what is to come, but also allows developers the chance to record valuable feedback on the game's new features.

How to Get FIFA 23 Beta Access

Accessing the beta is another story. Players have to be selected by EA in order to participate. When the beta period opens, randomly selected players will enter a unique code given to them by EA, which will grant them access to the beta.

In order to be eligible for beta consideration, FIFA players must meet certain criteria. Vizeh provides in-depth coverage of the process in his YouTube video below.

When to Expect FIFA 23 Beta Access

Historically, FIFA closed betas have become available within the first two weeks of August. According to an unconfirmed leak unveiled by @DonkTrading, the beta for FIFA 23 is set to debut Aug. 11. If this proves to be true and you don't receive a code, fret not. There will likely be at least two rounds of beta testing.