How to Get Foresight in Warzone

Foresight is a killstreak that provides great utility.
Foresight is a killstreak that provides great utility. / Photo courtesy of Activision

Players have been wondering how to get Foresight in Call of Duty: Warzone. The new killstreak was introduced alongside others, including Advanced UAV, RC-XD, and Bombardment.

Foresight provides great utility. It gives players the ability to see the current and upcoming locations of the circle for the duration of their match. Acquiring Foresight is a time-consuming and expensive feat, so Warzone players should ensure they are fully geared up prior to making their way to obtain it.

How to Get Foresight in Warzone

Players can purchase Foresight at Containment Monitor Stations found inside the missile silos dispersed across the map. These places are located near Novi Grazna Hills, Tavorsk Park, and the Jarvisnk Spomenik war memorial. Since the killstreak has a price tag of $20,000, players should make sure to secure some cash prior to heading to these locations.

Once they have made their way into a missile silo, players should be on the lookout for a Containment Monitor Station. These stations are computers with a monitor which display "5%" and an image of a skull. Players will then have to access the station, which will grant them the ability to purchase a variety of killstreaks, including Foresight, Loadout, Advanced UAV, and RC-XD.