How to Get Free Gibraltar Jet Souvenir for Overwatch 2


Being a free-to-play game, many of the unlockable cosmetics and other items found in Overwatch 2 have to be purchased. That is why it is nice when players can nab themselves a free epic skin when they can. It has been reported that Xbox players have received direct messages that include a code for an epic Overwatch 2 cosmetic bundle for Pharah.

Free Gibraltar Jet Souvenir Overwatch 2 on Xbox

Xbox players have reported receiving this direct message that states "Thanks for playing Overwatch 2! To show our appreciation, we’d like to give you this code for a Pharah Carbon Fiber Epic Skin and a Gibraltar Jet Souvenir you can show off in-game as you fight for the future. Redeem on console or xbox.com/redeemcode by 11/1/23." For a game that has had controversy regarding its pricing of other cosmetic bundles, a free one like this is hard to ignore.

A souvenir is a 3D model and can be selected as an emote to be used in-game. These can be anything from a salt-shaker or a heart. It is unknown how exactly to receive the code but it has been reported to be as easy as just playing Overwatch 2 on the Xbox platform.

It is unknown if this bundle will be available for other platforms or if those not included will get their own exclusive cosmetic bundle. Xbox players who love to play as Pharah should take advantage of this promotion. There are sure to be other methods and marketing promotions to score some Overwatch 2 cosmetics. Australians had the unique opportunity to get a free Tracer skin for ordering McDonald's on the mobile app.